A Visit Reason/Service is used to identify the reason for a customer's visit.

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Settings - Control Panel
  2. Select Visit Reasons / Services (in on-premise select Service Descriptions).
  3. Select New Service.
  4. Enter the service description name.
  5. Enter the length of the service. This value is used when creating appointments.
  6. Enter the Kiosk Title if a customer friendly description of the service is desired.
  7. Check box, if you would like this service to be the default selected in the Kiosk (the customer can still choose another service).
  8. In Add To, click the drop-down menu to add the service to a queue. Note: A Service Description must be added to at least one queue.
  9. Select the service’s category (optional). 
  10. Select whether to display the service in the kiosk.
  11. Enter Long Description information (optional).
  12. Click Save.