You can now create a kiosk profile to set the various options that are shown on the kiosk start-up screen. With the profile, you no longer need to have a username and password to start the kiosk. Simply select the profile and enter the authorization token. This allows you to manage kiosk options from LobbyCentral's administration page.

IMPORTANT - CLOUD CUSTOMERS! The Kiosk Profile selection is currently not available at the kiosk. We are giving customers time to create profiles before the kiosk is updated. Once the kiosk has been updated, the startup options at the kiosk will no longer be available. Please make sure you have created your profiles to ensure a smooth transition.  

Creating a Startup Profile

  1. Select New Profile.
  2. Enter the Profile Name.
  3. Select the Location.
  4. Select additional settings.
  5. Save Profile.