Important: This version requires the update of all LobbyCentral components, including the Service Center Desktop client. Please see the LobbyCentral Update Instructions for more information.

User Pages

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed error when trying to edit a scheduled visitor. 
  • Fixed issue with some fields not clearing after new visitor ticket created. 
  • Added limit of 255 chars to Comments field when creating a request. 
  • Fixed badge print failure when using IE version 7 or older. 
  • Fixed Javascript error on QMonitor.aspx. 
  • Fixed QMonitor to display only Active locations. 
  • Added jquery.vticker.js to installer which was missing from the 5.1.3 build and prevented QMonitor from running. 
  • Fixed missing polling timer for Lobby.aspx. 
  • Fixed an issue with wait time on Request Detail screen. If a ticket is returned to queue before completed, the time shown was double or more the actual time waited. 
  • Fixed problem with adding a service to a request after editing the current service. 
  • Fixed incorrect wait-time display if check-in time fell between 12:00 pm and 12:59 pm. 
  • Fixed issue with losing an open callback queue request if browser is closed. 
  • If user status is set to 'Away', it will not change by logging in or out. 
  • Fixed issue with customer edit screen showing status of active for inactive accounts.


  • If user is assigned to queues at more than one location, the location list will now default to the home location. 
  • Changed user board to show 'Away' vs ' Unavailable'. 
  • Added Compatibility View detection to Login page and added warning. 
  • Added ability to edit opening/closing comments, referring user, and completing user on a closed request. 
  • Added ability to change the start and end date for a completed service. 
  • Added automatic log out of web client if browser is closed for 20 minutes. 
  • Contact queue members will receive an email when a new request is created. 
  • Added option to send queue members an email when a new request is created. 
  • Replaced menu bar for performance enhancement. 
  • An In-Service request that is older than the current date, will be changed to color to red and no longer say "Expired!". 
  • Selecting an employee when checking in a visitor is no longer required. 
  • Fix Request notice now only appears for user levels with Supervisor or Administrator. 
  • Added integrated web chat module. 
  • Added broadcast message to chat. 
  • Mobile client was removed and replaced with official iTunes app. 
  • Added Multi-ticket handling function. 
  • Added Visitor History. 
  • Report menu option no longer shows if user does not have access to Dashboard or Reporting. 
  • Added ability to create and assign Service Counters for use with the QMonitor display system.

Admin Pages

  • Fixed error when trying to delete a Reminder Reason in Data Table maintenance. 
  • Fixed issue with queue list not clearing when selecting a location on the User. 
  • Added Service Counters administration.

Maintenance page


  • Added the ability to add multiple services to a service queue in Queue Management. 
  • Product Interest or Interest Section (Cross-sell) has been renamed "Item Tracking". 
  • Callback queue has been renamed "Contact Queue". 
  • Item Tracking headers are now customizable. These were previously set to Not Offered, Accepted, Interested, and Declined. 
  • System Option to require item tracking (formally cross-sell) selection has been removed. 
  • Added queue type when viewing a user's assigned queue list. 
  • Added option to override max wait time at the queue level. 
  • Added option to disable max wait time at the queue level. 
  • Added option to hide a queue from QMonitor screen. 
  • Disabled page request validation to prevent rejections if the request contains HTML tags. 
  • Added option to send reminder email for pending Contact Queue requests. 
  • Added ability to create drop-down list style custom fields by entering a list of default values.