This release contains several new features and several changes to the wording of the buttons. Notably, the “Create Request” button is now called “Check In” and the “Completed” button has been renamed “Check-Out”. The process to check-in and check-out customers has not changed. Please review the Main Application changes below. 

Important Information for Desktop Client Users

If you would like to continue to use the desktop client, a software update will be necessary to connect to LobbyCentral version 6.0.1. Please download the Service Center Update 6.1.0 and update all desktops that are using the client.

Desktop client version 6.0.1 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. 

Please ensure that the desktop PC has .NET 4.0 installed before performing the update. 

Please note, that due to discontinued support from DYMO, visitor badge printing in the desktop client is no longer available. Please use the Visitor Center in the web client to create visitor badges.

Version 6.1.0 (8/1/2013)

New Features

  • A new menu called App Center has been added to the Login page to provide quick access to LobbyCentral’s web apps. 
  • There is now a separate kiosk for Visitor (non-customer) check-in. This kiosk has the capability to use a webcam to capture an image of the person signing in. Please see the LobbyCentral User Manual for more information. 
  • Users now have the ability to change the counter/window .

Main Application Changes

  • The FSi News widget has been removed from the Login page 
  • Users can now add comments when abandoning a request 
  • The "Add Service" link in the Work Request window has been relocated to under the Services Worked list. 
  • The additional actions in the Work Request window are now right-justified. 
  • The "Completed" button name has been changed to "Check-Out" for clarification. 
  • A "Close" button has been added to the Work Request window to close an open request but not complete it. (multi-request mode only) 
  • The Location selection has been moved to the main login page instead of being a pop-up. Only active locations are selectable. 
  • Fixed incorrect name shown when editing a Pending service request.

QMonitor Changes

  • Ads are now location specific. 
  • Added ability to display a customer short name instead of full name. The short name will appear as first letter of the first name followed by the first three letters of the last name. i.e. John Smith will appear as J/SMI 
  • Fixed an issue where the last customer in the list did not clear off the screen when the record wa closed.