The following is a list of changes and new features that are available in this release. For additional questions, please contact or call 1-800-715-7172.

Title and Label Changes

  • "New Request" button on the management page is now called "Check-In " where name is the customer label set in System Options
  • "Lobby Queue" is now called "Walk-In Service" 
  • "Requested User" is now called "Assign To" when creating or editing a check-in or ticket 
  • "Employee" in the pending list is now called "Assigned To" 
  • "Employee" in the in-service list is now called "Working" 
  • "Contact Queue" is now called "Work Queue"

Changes & New Features

  • Added option to show custom field on kiosk, manual check-in, or both
  • Kiosk title and subtitle field length restrictions have been removed. 
  • Added ability to change kiosk confirmation title and subtitles 
  • Work queues are no longer location specific 
  • Global Queue has been removed as it is redundant with a Work Queue 
  • Request Type has been removed from the check-in screen. LobbyCentral will detect and set the queue that is currently selected 
  • The New Appointment link is hidden when a Work queue is selected 
  • When checking-in a customer or creating a work request, LobbyCentral will default the queue selection to the currently selected queue 
  • Added status column to Work queue list 
  • Opening a Work request no longer locks it 
  • The Appointment option can now be disabled
  • The Visitor Center option can now be disabled 
  • New system option to email notification to users when a new work ticket is created 
  • When creating a work request, Assigned To dropdown will default to the user creating the request

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue in the Dashboard that allowed an empty date field which caused an error to occur 
  • Fixed issue in Queue Management where the location drop-down was still available after changing the queue type to Work Queue 
  • Fixed column width issue on check-in screen 
  • Fixed issue where an Object Reference error was displayed when saving changes to a Work request 
  • Fixed issue where cancel edit link was not shown when editing a Work request 
  • Fixed issue where the internal customer number field did not clear after creating a request 
  • Fixed issue in Dashboard and reports where the hour segment of a total time would be 0 if the cumulative total was greater than 24 hours 
  • Fixed issue in kiosk that allowed a customer to continue without selecting a service in split queue mode 
  • Fixed issue where users were not loaded when modifying a service counter