If you want to move LobbyCentral to a new server, it is recommended that you install the latest version.

If you are also moving the database, please review Moving the LobbyCentral Database article.

  1. Log into LobbyCentral and go to Administration, System Options.
  2. Take screen shots of the Settings and Database tab.
  3. Log into the support portal at http://download.lobbycentral.com/ and download the LobbyCentral Update.  Do not download the New Installation.
  4. Unzip the LobbyCentral.zip on the new server and run LobbyCentralUpdate.msi
  5. Specify the database connection parameters.  See note below regarding CustomerSettings.config.
  6. Click Install.

Post-Installation Steps:
  1. Log into LobbyCentral and go to Administration.
  2. Select System Options.
  3. Reference the screen shots from step 2 and verify or set the values on the Settings and Database tabs so that they match the original server values.


This file is located in c:\program files(x86)\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web and contains the database connection parameters.

If you do not not the SQL Server sa account password, you can substitute the 'sa' account with the lobbycentral database account.