Account Type

The type of LobbyCentral system you have.  Options are Cloud Account or On-Premise.

Cloud Account

If you are using the cloud based platform, enter your Company ID.


If LobbyCentral is installed on your local server, enter the name or IP of the server where LobbyCentral is installed.  If the URL begins with HTTPS, you must use the override field.  


The name or IP address where LobbyCentral is installed.


Enter the port number only if LobbyCentral is not accessed through port 80.  This is highly uncommon.  Do not use this for SSL, see URL Override.

URL Override

If LobbyCentral is using SSL, enter the complete address with protocol.  Be sure to include /servicecenterweb in the URL.  i.e.  https://yourserver/servicecenterweb. 

The URL Override is also used if the Mobile Service Provider is installed, which is not common.

Native Kiosk
The Native Kiosk is an app based kiosk that is faster than the web based kiosk and uses iOS look and feel.

Enable Native Kiosk

Turns native kiosk mode on or off.  If off, the web based kiosk is used.

Idle Time-Out

The amount of time the native kiosk waits before cancelling the check-in process.

Show 'More Choices' messages for list overflow

Turns message on or off.  If on, a label indicating that there are more visit reasons is displayed below the Service Description list.   This is useful when the number of visit reasons is greater than what is shown.

Card Data Source

LobbyCentral can collect customer information for check-in, using driver's licence or ID that complies with the AAMVA Format using a supported mag reader, or the iPad Camera to capture a 2D barcode.

Note:   The 2-D barcode on the ID must comply with the AAMVA standard.   For more information, please see Driver's License and ID Check-In Compatibility.

Mag Reader Type

The kiosk app supports the following mag readers; Unimag I, Unimag II, Unimag Pro, or Unimag Shuttle. LobbyCentral recommends using Unimag II or Unimag Pro for best results.

Note:   The magnetic strip of the ID must comply with the AAMVA standard.   For more information, please see Driver's License and ID Check-In Compatibility.

Disable Name Selection (Not Recommended)

After a customer enters their name via the Native kiosk, and selects Continue, LobbyCentral will perform a search for duplicate customer names. A popup box will notify the customer to find and select their name from the accompanying list. This helps prevent duplicate customer records from being created for the same customer. If name selection is disabled (not recommended), LobbyCentral will not perform the search for duplicate customer accounts.

Enable Check-In By Phone Number

If enabled, LobbyCentral will check-in the customer using their phone number, bypassing the name entry screen. However, if the phone number is not recognized by LobbyCentral, the next screen will require the customer to enter their first and last name as well.


Allows the user to set the font and button colors.  Applies to Native Kiosk only.


The wallpaper that is displayed on the check-in screen.   Applies to Native Kiosk only.   The wallpaper for the web kiosk is uploaded through LobbyCentral web client in Administration->Web Kiosk Settings.

You must transfer the image from your computer to the iPad's Photo Collection.  Information on how to transfer images to the iPad can be found at

Screen Saver

The user may customize the screensaver message, and the number of idle minutes before the screensaver is activated. If no screensaver is needed, the user may also choose 'None' under wait times to turn it off completely.