Email and SMS notifications can be sent to the Assigned or Requested user when a customer has checked-in. If user is 'First Available,' notification is sent to the entire queue. Messages can be sent by using the mobile email address or using Twilio SMS service.

Note: Users may incur a fee from their mobile provider when receiving a text message. Therefore, you should check with your users before enabling this service.


Every mobile phone provider has the ability to receive a text message through email and then forward that message to the user's phone. The general format when emailing a text, is using the ten digit mobile number followed by the provider's URL. For example, AT&T is:

A complete list of SMS email addresses can be found at

To manage the list of providers in your LobbyCentral account, you can edit this file:

c:\program files\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web\includes\MobileProviders.txt


Twilio is an SMS service provider that allows you to send text messages in a more traditional format. With Twilio, you do not need to know the user's mobile provider. Please note that this is not a free service, it is pay-per-message sent.

You can learn more about the Twilio service and set up an account at

Important: Fuhr Software is not responsible for any charges you incur while using the Twilio service. The service is billed through Twilio. Fuhr Software does not provide technical support for the Twilio service. Please contact Twilio technical support regarding issues with your account.

Setting Up SMS

  1. Go to Administration > System Options.
  2. In the Notification tab, check the box next to "Send text check-in notification to users."
  3. Save Changes.
  4. Go to Users.
  5. Modify user account and add user's mobile phone number.
  6. Select the mobile provider from the drop-down list next to phone number.
  7. Save changes.

Note: If the user's mobile provider is not listed, you can edit the mobile provider list. See Email section above for details on editing the mobile provider list.

Setting Up Twilio

  1. Be sure that the basic SMS setup has been completed. See Setting up SMS above.
  2. Go to Administration > System Options.
  3. Click the Network & Email tab.
  4. In Twilio SMS Integration, enter your Twilio Phone Number, Account SID, and Token.
  5. Test your credentials by entering in your mobile phone number and click the Test SMS button.
  6. If you receive the message, click Save Changes. Otherwise, verify that you entered the correct Twilio credentials, and that your Twilio account is funded.

If you are unable to send a test message, or experience other issues, contact Twilio technical support for assistance. You can also check the Twilio Messages Log, to see if Twilio received the test message: