Report To Message

QMonitor Settings allows users to customize the Report To Message, displayed when the customer's name is selected from the waitlist.

Customizing the Report To Message 

Tags allow users to quickly, and easily, insert information. 

  1. Type your custom message in the text box.
  2. Select the tag(s) you wish to use, and click Insert Tag in the appropriate space in the text.
  3. LobbyCentral will insert the tag into your text. The message should look something like this.
  4. Save when finished.

After logging into QMonitor, the Report To Message will be displayed to the customer as:


Users may upload ads for customers to view while they are waiting for service. Image files must be in PNG, GIF, or JPG format. 

Uploading An Image File To QMonitor

  1. Go to QMonitor Settings > Upload Image, and click Choose File.
  2. Select the file (PNG, GIF, or JPG only) and click Open. You should then see the file name to the right of the Select File button.
  3. Choose the Image location (the location the ad will be displayed).
  4. Click Upload File.

Deleting An Image File From QMonitor

  1. Go to QMonitor Settings > Ads.
  2. Locate the correct image file and location, and click Delete.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the image file.