The web kiosk provides a self-service check-in system for your customers. It is accessed by a compliant web-browser, or by installing the LobbyCentral Kiosk iPad app available in iTunes.

Google Chromebook

While you can use a Mac or PC to run the web kiosk, we recommend Google Chromebook. A Chromebook provides greater protection to your network because a Chromebook is essentially just a web browser. There are no functions to access files, other computers, etc. Also, Google Chromebook does not have the PC CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys, that would allow a customer to reboot or close the kiosk.

For more information on Google Chromebook, please visit their website:

Language Options

If you have a need for using the kiosk in additional languages, you may create a language file, which can then be selected from the drop-down list to customize the kiosk titles and buttons.

Screen Titles

The kiosk titles and subtitles for each page of check-in, may be customized. 

iPad Screen Titles

The iPad titles and subtitles for each page of check-in, may be customized. Note: This applies to Native Kiosk only.


The kiosk labels may be customized. To use the default LobbyCentral settings, leave the fields blank.

Customizing Screen Titles

  1. Enter desired text in the appropriate fields.
  2. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Kiosk Check-In Agreements
The kiosk can display a scrollable disclaimer / agreement box on the final check-in screen. The customer is not required to acknowledge the agreement to check-in. This is useful for displaying privacy, and other policies, pertaining to the customer visit. 

Global Settings
Applies to all language files.


Hide Check-In Options Screen Kiosk will start at the Name screen. Appointment check-in will not be available if this option is selected.
Hide Account ID Field Enter Account ID field will not be displayed on the Name screen.
Separate Queue and Services list If this option is not selected, the kiosk will display one drop-down list with queues and services combined; This is the default setting for LobbyCentral. If selected, the kiosk will display one drop-down list for queues and another drop-down list for services.
Hide Requested Employee list If this option is selected, the Requested Employee drop-down is not shown on the service selection screen.
Hide ‘Other’ Visit Reason If this option is selected, the customer must select a visit reason. The ‘Other Service (Not Listed)’ selection is not shown.
Generate and Present Call-Out Number Used in conjunction with Kiosk Ticket Printing to allow a customer to check-in anonymously, or semi-anonymously, for example in a doctor's office. LobbyCentral will generate a call-out number which will then print-out for the customer.
Show Internal Customer ID Displays a user created customer ID.
Allow check-in if Internal Customer ID is not found Allows the check-in to be completed, even if the customer does not have an Internal Customer ID.
Hide 'First Available' option in Requested Employee list If selected, the customer will need to choose an employee from a drop-down list of names.
Hide Appointment Button Allows user to hide or show the appointment button, on the kiosk. If the appointment button is hidden, only walk-in check-in is available.

Idle Time-Out

Indicates how long the kiosk waits to automatically refresh itself. This is a security feature in the event the customer leaves the kiosk without checking in. Any information entered will be cleared.

Confirmation Page Delay

The user can select how long the confirmation page of the kiosk will display, before refreshing to the Welcome Screen for the next customer. The default setting is 8 seconds.

Web Wallpaper

You can replace the default Kiosk wallpaper (shown behind the input elements) with your own image file. The image resolution should match the device that the kiosk is running on.

For example, if you are using the iPad kiosk app, be sure that the resolution matches the iPad’s display requirements.

Recommended image resolution by device: 

Device Size of Wallpaper
iPad 1st & 2nd generation 1024 x 768
iPad 3rd & 4th generation 2048 x 1436
iPad Mini 1024 x 768
Android Web Browser Use the device's supported display resolution
Web Browser (PC or Mac) Use the computer's current display resolution setting