Language Options

Users may create additional language files, which can then be selected from the drop-down list to customize kiosk titles, placeholder text, and buttons.

When setting up a new language file, you will need to use a translation website, such as Google Translate at:

Screen Titles

The default titles and subtitles appearing on each screen of the kiosk are listed below, but may also be customized by the user.

  • Check-In Titlecheck-in
  • Check-In Sub-Titlehello! please sign in for assistance
  • Name Input Titlename
  • Name Input Sub-Titleplease enter your first and last name
  • Custom Fields Titlecheck-in cont.
  • Custom Fields Sub-Titleplease complete the fields below
  • Select Service Titleservice
  • Select Service Sub-Titlehow can we assist you today?
  • Confirmation Titleconfirm check-in

  • Confirmation Sub-Titleplease confirm your information

  • Check-In Complete Titlethank you!
  • Check-In Complete Sub-Titleyour request has been received
  • Requested Employee Titlewho would you like to meet with?

Customizing the Check-In Complete Screen

To personalize the check-in complete message, you can add the customer or employee's name to the Check-In Complete Title, and/or Check-In Complete Sub-Titleby using the appropriate tag.

  • $$CUSTOMER: Placeholder for the customer's name
  • $$EMPLOYEE: Placeholder for the employee's name


Example 1: Thank You $$CUSTOMER, displayed as "Thank You Bob"

Example 2: $$EMPLOYEE will assist you shortly, displayed as "James will assist you shortly"

iPad Screen Titles (Applies Only To The Native Kiosk)

  • Meeting With TitleMeet With
  • Meeting With Sub-TitleWho would you like to meet with? (optional)
  • Review TitleReady to check-in?
  • Review Sub-TitlePlease review your information


The label buttons that appear on each screen of the kiosk may be customized. To use the default LobbyCentral settings, leave the fields blank.

  • Check-In Button
  • Check-Out Button
  • Appointment Button
  • Continue Button
  • Back Button
  • Cancel Button

Labels Example


Placeholder Text

The placeholder text that appears on each screen of the kiosk are listed below, but may also be customized by the user.

  • First Name: First Name
  • Last Name: Last Name
  • Account ID: Account ID
  • Other Service: Other Service

Placeholder Text Example

Disclaimer Message

The disclaimer is shown on the Review screen and requires customer acknowledgement. If you do not want to add a disclaimer message, leave this field empty.

**IMPORTANT** Please note that LobbyCentral does not record the customer's acknowledgement, and may not constitute a legal binding agreement. Consult with an attorney regarding the use of electronic acknowledgement in place of a written signature, before using this feature.