The Administration section of LobbyCentral manages system users and other settings. To access Administration, you must have an Admin access levelFor more information on each item, click the link below to view the corresponding section of the manual.

Accessing Administration

  1. In the menu toolbar, hover pointer over Tools.
  2. Click Administration from the drop-down menu.

Control Panel

The control panel is where administrators create, and access, LobbyCentral users, queues, visit reasons, custom fields, and more.


Visit Reasons & Services
The reason the customer has come into your building. Visit reasons/ services are added to a queue, and selected by the customer upon checking in, to alert users why they are there.
Any employee set up with a LobbyCentral account.
A physical building, which contains at least one queue. May sometimes be separated by location within one building.
A department, or group, of services used to hold pending customer requests in the order they were entered.
Data Tables
Contains custom options that are used in various menus within LobbyCentral.
Custom Fields
Customizable fields used to obtain additional information from the customer during check-in.
Notification Email
Allows you to override and customize the default email notification, sent to users when a customer checks in.
Agent Counters/Windows
Used by QMonitor to instruct a customer to report to a specific window or counter, when the customer’s name is called.


Kiosk & QMonitor

In Kiosk & QMonitor, administrators may customize the kiosk and QMonitor settings.

Kiosk Settings
Used to customize the self-service check-in system for your customers
Kiosk Routing Rules
Used to define rules to automatically assign a customer to a specific user at check-in.
QMonitor Settings
Allows the user to create a customized Report To message, which is displayed when the customer is called.


System Administration

In system administration, the administrator may enable/disable features within LobbyCentral or import customer files in bulk. Before making any changes in System Options, all users must be logged out of the system.

System Options
Contains features that affect the system as a whole, and should only be changed when all users have been logged out.
Import Customer File
Used to bulk import your customers into LobbyCentral Cloud.

Account & Billing

The administrator can edit credit card information, subscription information, and view account detail in this section.

Manage Subscription
Used to manage and view your Account Detail, Plan Usage, and Transaction History.