Customers who are waiting for service are displayed in the Pending Requests section of the Checked In screen.  The customer's name, arrival time, and requested service are displayed in the list.  If the customer requests a specific employee, the name will also be displayed.

To take a service request, click on the customer's name.

To edit a pending service request
, click the edit icon located to the right of the elapsed wait time.

When a user takes a request, the Work Record window is displayed, and all other user's displays will refresh to show that the request has been removed. 

Note:  If your system is configured for Multi-Request Handling, taking a request will not bring up the Work Record window.  See Closing a Customer Request below.

Work Record/ Check-Out Window

The Work Record, or check-out window, is displayed after you take a customer from the waiting list, and is used to close the request after service has been completed. If Multi-Request Handling is enabled, the check-out window is not displayed until the user clicks on the customer name in the in-service list.

Closing a Customer Request

After the customer's service has been completed, the request should be closed to record the total amount of time spent with the customer. If your system is configured for Multi-Request Handling, click on the customer's name in the In-Service list, to display the Work Record window, follow the steps below to close.

Checking Out A Customer

  1. Select the customer from the In-Service list if the Work Record is not already open.
  2. Enter closing comments for the service, if desired.
  3. Click Check-Out.