The Visitor Center manages individuals who are not customers, but who are present in your building. A visitor record can be generated as unscheduled or scheduled. When using LobbyCentral Visitor Center, typically only the receptionist is logged into the system. Host employees will receive an email after the visitor is signed in.

Signing In an Unscheduled Visitor

  1. In the menu, go to Applications > Visitor Center.
  2. Click the New Visitor button.

  3. Enter the visitor’s First and Last name.
  4. Enter the Company Name, if applicable.
  5. Select unscheduled. 
  6. Select who is meeting the visitor.
  7. If desired, enter the reason for the visit.
  8. Check the Print Visitor Badge box to print a visitor label (optional).
  9. Click Save.

Note: A DYMO label printer must be attached to the PC, to enable visitor badge printing. For more information on Visitor Badges, please see Printing Visitor Badges in the LobbyCentral Cloud User Manual. Or, see Kiosk Ticket & Visitor Badge Printing, in the LobbyCentral Cloud Admin Manual, for instructions on adding a label/badge printer.

Signing Out A Visitor

  1. In the Visitors list, locate the visitor's name, and click Sign-Out.

  2. Confirm visitor Sign-Out.

Scheduling A Visit In Visitor Center

  1. In the menu, go to Applications > Visitor Center.
  2. Click the New Visitor button.
  3. Enter the visitor’s First and Last name.
  4. Enter the Company Name, if applicable.
  5. Select Scheduled visit.
  6. Enter the location, date, and time of the visit.
  7. Select who is meeting the visitor.
  8. If desired, enter the reason for the visit.
  9. Check the Print Visitor Badge box to print a visitor label (optional).
  10. Click Save.

Signing In a Scheduled Visitor

  1. Locate the visitor's name in the list of Scheduled Visits. By default, scheduled visits are displayed for the current day only.

  2. Click Sign-In. The visitor's name will be transferred to the Visitors list.
  3. If a label printer is attached to the PC, click Print Badge, to print a visitor badge.

To Search/Edit a Scheduled Visit

  1. Go to Applications in the menu, and click Visitor Center.
  2. Under Scheduled Visits, select the Location for the scheduled visit.
  3. Select the search Start, and End Dates.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Locate the visitor in the list, and click Edit
  6. Make desired changes.
  7. Click Save.

To Delete a Scheduled Visit

  1. Go to Applications in the menu, and click Visitor Center.
  2. Under Scheduled Visits, select the location, and Start/End dates to search.
  3. Locate the visitor in the list, and click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Visitor window, click Delete Visit, and Confirm.


Note: Deleted visitors are permanently removed from the database and will not be available in reports.

Visitor Sign-In / Sign-Out Mode

Visitor Sign-in / Sign-out mode may only be enabled by an administrator in System Options, and is used in a non-customer environment. Visitor Sign-in / Sign-out mode may not be used in conjunction with Customer Sign-in / Sign-out mode. If you use LobbyCentral to manage customers, you should not use Visitor Sign-in / Sign-out mode. Instead, to independently track and monitor visitors (non-customers) in your building, use the Visitor Center detailed at the top of this page.

When using Visitor Sign-in / Sign-out mode, visitor records may only be generated as unscheduled. Scheduling visits is not available in this mode. To schedule a visitor for a future date/time, an administrator must enable Customer Sign-in / Sign-out mode in, and the user must schedule the visit via the Visitor Center, in the Applications menu. When Visitor Sign-In/Sign-Out mode is enabled, customer check-in / check-out is not available. 

In Visitor Sign-in / Sign-out mode, administrators are given the option to sign-out the visitor upon departure, or sign-out the visitor immediately after sign-in.

  • If sign-out visitor on departure is selected, the visitor will need to see the receptionist before leaving the building, or use the visitor kiosk to sign-out. This will track total time in the building for each visitor.
  • If sign-out immediately after sign-in is selected, the visitor will be automatically signed-out after signing in. This option is used only if a total count of visitors is necessary for the day, and not the visitors' total time in the building.

Signing In a Visitor (Visitor Sign-In / Sign-out Mode)

  1. Click Add Visitor.

  2. Enter the visitor's full or partial name, and click Continue.
  3. Select the name from the list, or click New Visitor.
  4. Select the Department (queue).
  5. Select the employee the visitor is Meeting With, or Not Applicable.
  6. Select the Reason for Visit.
  7. Enter any comments.
  8. Click Submit.

Signing Out a Visitor (Visitor Sign-in / Sign-out)

  1. Locate the visitor in the visitors list.
  2. Select Sign-out.

  3. Enter any closing comments (optional).
  4. Click Sign-out Visitor.

Deleting A Visitor (Visitor Sign-in / Sign-out)

A user may only delete a visitor record in Visitor Sign-In / Sign-Out mode, if the visitor is currently signed into the location. If the user has already been signed out, or if Administration has enabled Sign-out immediately after sign-in in System Options, then the visitor may not be deleted. 

Note: If using LobbyCentral in Customer Check-in / Check-out mode, a visitor cannot be deleted once they have been signed into the location.

To Delete a Signed In Visitor

  1. In the Visitors list, find the visitor's name and click Delete.

  2. Confirm that you wish to delete the visitor.