Users may login to the kiosk in one of two ways; by using the App Center menu, in the blue bar at the top of the login page, or by using the shortcut on the Employee Portal login page.

Kiosk Login

You may select Kiosk Login from the App Center menu, or by clicking the shortcut link on the Employee Portal login screen (see screenshot below).

Logging Into Kiosk

  1. Select Kiosk Login from the App Center menu, or click the link on the Employee Portal Login page.
  2. Enter your Company ID, username, and password.
  3. If more than one location is created for the account, select the appropriate location from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose your settings (detailed below).
  5. Click Login.


Note: If a label/ticket printer, and/or card swipe are not connected to the Kiosk, the options for these are grayed out, and the user cannot select them from the login page. To learn more about ticket printing, and/or Visitor labels, see Kiosk Ticket & Visitor Badge Printing in the LobbyCentral Cloud Admin Manual.

Kiosk Settings

Along with entering your Company ID, username, and password, there are several options to select, from the kiosk login screen. Please review the table below, for an explanation of each option.

Location Contains a dropdown list of all the locations you have set up within LobbyCentral. When logging into the kiosk, a location must be selected.
Queues Allows the user to select the queue(s) to be displayed to customers in the kiosk. Check Display All  to show all queues.
Do not show services (Requires user to select a reason) If selected, users will not select a visit reason at the kiosk when checking in. When the user changes the customer from pending to in-service, the user will be required to select a service for the customer in order to continue within LobbyCentral.
Badge Printer Visitor Badges may be printed at the kiosk. To learn more about Visitor badges, see Kiosk Ticket & Visitor Badge Setup in the LobbyCentral Cloud Admin Manual.
On-Screen Keyboard You may enable the on-screen keyboard if you use a touchscreen monitor or tablet. If enabled, the on-screen keyboard will display when the customer touches the screen.
Ticket Printing Tickets may be printed for customers when the option, Generate and present call-out number is enabled in Kiosk Settings. To learn more about ticket printing, please see Kiosk Ticket & Visitor Badge Setup in the LobbyCentral Cloud Admin Manual.
Card Swipe If you are interested in integrating card swipe capabilities into your kiosk, and your state driver's license meets 2015 AAMVA specifications, please contact for more information.
Email Notification If disabled, email and SMS check-in notifications for queue members will not be sent, when a customer checks in at the kiosk. This setting will override System Options and Kiosk Settings in LobbyCentral. Excludes appointment check-in notification email.