LobbyCentral has two operating modes, Customer Check-In, and Visitor Sign-In/Sign-Out. This setting can be only be changed by an administrator, in System Options. Most LobbyCentral customers will use Customer Check-In for their day to day operations.

Customer Check-In

Customer Check-In mode is used to check-in customers who are meeting with an employee for service. In this mode, both the customer wait time and service time are tracked. 

The customer's name and visit reason are entered into the system at the kiosk, or by a receptionist. Employees receive check-in notifications, and may view and take waiting customers, from the queue.

This is the default operating mode of LobbyCentral.

Visitor Sign-In/Sign-Out (or Visitor Management Mode)

Visitor Sign-In/Sign-Out mode is used to sign-in visitors to your facility. A visitor is not a customer, but someone who is visiting the facility to conduct other business, such as a vendor or salesperson, or they are there to meet an employee for personal reasons.

In Visitor Sign-In/Sign-Out mode, LobbyCentral captures the Time In and Time Out only. The visitor's name, reason for visit, and requested employee, are entered into the system at the kiosk, or by a receptionist. The host employee (employee meeting with the visitor) receives an email notification after the visitor signs in.

The system Admin may configure LobbyCentral to immediately sign-out the visitor after sign-in, or the visitor can sign-out at the kiosk upon leaving the facility. Please see Visitor Center in the LobbyCentral Cloud User Manual for more information.