When you cancel your cloud service, the subscription is terminated but you can still access your account until service's end date. After 90 days, your account may be permanently deleted from our servers. Note: This does not apply to Seasonal Subscribers.

Seasonal Subscribers

If you only need to use LobbyCentral for a few months out of the year, please contact sales@lobbycentral.com to request Seasonal Subscriber status. This will prevent your account data from being deleted 90 days from the cancellation date.

To cancel service

  1. Log into your LobbyCentral portal at https://portal.lobbycentral.com/.
  2. Go to Tools > Administration, and click on Manage Subscription.
  3. In Account Detail, click Cancel Account.
  4. Confirm that you wish to cancel.

If you would like to restart your subscription, simply log back into the portal, and LobbyCentral will direct you to Manage Subscription, where you can click Start Subscription.