LobbyCentral is moving!

LobbyCentral is growing and as a result, we are moving to a new building located in the center of Downtown Columbus, Ohio.   We will make every effort to ensure that we continue to provide exceptional service and support during the move.

If you are in the downtown Columbus area, we invite you to stop by and see our new office.

Please update your records effective October 1, 2017 to the following:

New Physical, Billing, and Payment Address


172 East State Street, #550

Columbus, OH  43215

New Billing Email for questions and payment


Phone and fax numbers remain the same:

Sales:  1-800-715-7172

Fax:  614-347-1797


Fun facts about our new building

  • The building was originally a hotel and was the oldest in downtown Columbus until 1986.
  • The building is located one block east of the State Capital.
  • It was originally built as office space in the 1890s and converted to a hotel 2 years later.   It continued to operate as a hotel until 1986 when it was converted converted back to office space.
  • In its later years, the hotel became permanent residency for retired folks (2) due to its low price and accommodations such as dry cleaning.  
  • The last resident of the hotel to leave was 101 and had worked 39 years as a Statehouse secretary(1).
  • The basement originally contained a roman bath that ran independently from the hotel.


1. Betti, Tom & Uhas Sauer, Doreen

Historic Hotels of Columbus Ohio

Published by the History Press, Charlston, SC 29403

Published 2015

2.  Columbus Dispatch


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