LobbyCentral v7.3.3 Released

LobbyCentral version 7.3.3 has been released and is available through the support portal at download.lobbycentral.com. This is a free update for all annual maintenance subscribers. New features include:

Require Customer Selection from Kiosk Check-In


A new option has been added to System Options that when enabled, requires users to choose the customer record for a check-in created at the kiosk. This option is designed to reduce duplicate customer records.


Duplicate Customer Record Warning


When checking-out (closing) a customer, LC will check for customer records that match the current customer name. If multiple records are found, a warning message is displayed in the check-out window. This warning is designed to help maintain accurate data.


Multi-Language for Kiosk


You can now create language profiles to display kiosk prompts and titles in multiple languages. If language files are created, the kiosk will display a new screen prompting the customer to choose the language. Language profiles are created in Administration, Kiosk, Global Settings.


Super Administrator Role


A new user level has been created which gives the user access to all functions and administration. The previous Administrator role proves access to all functions and administration except System Options. This allows you to give a user the ability to create new services or users without changing the system options. By default, all Administrator accounts will upgrade to Super Administrator after the release is applied. To downgrade user levels, go to Administration, Users.


Kiosk Disclaimer


The kiosk can display a scrollable disclaimer / agreement box on the final check-in screen. The customer is not required to acknowledge the agreement to check-in. This is useful for displaying privacy and other polices pertaining to the customer visit.


The complete list of changes and fixes may be viewed here.

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