LobbyCentral Cloud V3.3.0 Released

Updates and New Features

  • Changed searching for customer by Account ID from exact to fuzzy to allow partial entry 
  • Added "Created By" field to Excel Report Generator to get the name of the user that created the request 
  • Added 'Status' field to Excel Report generator 
  • In web kiosk, if First Available is hidden, customer must select a name from the requested employee drop-down. It no longer defaults to the first name in the list. 
  • Administrator accounts no longer need explicit access permissions to Report Manager, Dashboard, or Excel Report Generator 
  • Excel Report Generator is now accessible only by users with the Report Manager access permission 
  • Changed menu and page title "Kiosk Routing Rules" to "Auto-Assignment Rules" 
  • In Kiosk Auto-Assignment, you can now set a secondary user if primary user is logged out, away, or at lunch. If secondary user is also not available, ticket will be assigned to First Available. 
  • You can now attach a video to the Kiosk disclaimer screen 
  • Added Account ID field when viewing the details of a pending request 
  • The check-in page will now load all pending requests instead of the last 7 days. This allows users to catch and fix open requests that were not closed. 
  • Charges for queue increases or subscription changes are now applied immediately instead of waiting until the next billing period, which caused confusion. 
  • The link "Click for more information" has been changed to "View Service Details" to view the long description of a service 
  • Added Request ID and User to Comment History when viewing the details of a customer through search 
  • Added ability for admin and supervisors to edit pending service requests on the Open Requests tab in Metrics (Dashboard) 
  • Release Notes 

For more information on these and other changes, check out https://portal.lobbycentral.com/UpdateNotice.aspx


LobbyCentral Support Team