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Check-in Employee vs. Check-out Employee

When a particular employee checks in a customer, works with that customer, but then forgets to check that customer out, someone in the outer office does it.  Unfortunately, the employee who worked with the customer then doesn't get the credit for completing the session.   Is there a way to report who checked-in a customer so that the record can be modified to show that person is the person who completed the session? 

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Hi Tina,

Programming is going to add a selectable field to the CSV/Excel Report Generator, called "Created By." This should be made available in our next cloud update. You can keep track of the enhancement request's progress by going to the LobbyCentral cloud forum, and clicking on Enhancement Requests. 

Here is the direct link as well, LobbyCentral cloud Enhancement Requests.


Rachelle Tinsley

LobbyCentral Support

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