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Allow Short-Name to be used on Kiosk

In Web Kiosk, when a customer types in the “internal customer ID”, currently, the customer's full name is displayed (On the Welcome Screen). User would like the option to display the first initial and first 3 letters of last name. The DB should get the full name though, this is only for display purposes (similar to QMonitor).

Short Name would then be displayed on the Confirmation Screen of the kiosk as well.

Ticket reference #744

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SW Ticket #35

When the account ID is entered, the Kiosk will perform a lookup and if a name is found, it pre-populates the first and last name text fields.

The enhancement will need to change this process so that after the ID is entered, a list of names connected to the account ID is displayed.  The names will be in short name format to protect the identities.

This allows the person checking in to select the correct name if multiple customer records are associated with a single ID.

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