iPad Kiosk Masked Addresses

The latest version of the LobbyCentral Kiosk app will display a list of matching names along with a masked address (if available) after the customer enters in their first and last name.  The customer then chooses their correct record.

The goal of this feature was to reduce duplicate customer records for common names such as Tom Brown.  However, we have received some reports from customers who would like to disable this feature.

First, a clarification about the search selection screen:

1.  Only names that exactly match the first and last name that the customer entered are returned. 

2.  Only the number portion of the address is displayed.  The street name, city, and zip are hidden.  i.e.  210 N Columbus St appears as 210 * ******** St

3.  A person would have to randomly guess at first and last name combinations if they were attempting to see who has previously checked in.

Customer privacy is still maintained as the search selection screen:

1.  Does not return information about the customer's previous visits or reason for visits

2.  The street name is completely masked

3.  The first and last name must be entered exactly.  You cannot enter J in the first name and S in the last to get all names starting with J

As a temporary measure, the search selection screen will no longer display the City, State, or Zip of the address.   This is effective as of today, 1/5/16.

We are updating the Kiosk app to give customers the option to turn off the search selection screen.   

If you do not wish to show the search selection screen, the only option currently is to turn off Native Kiosk in Settings and use the standard version.

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