LobbyCentral Kiosk iPad App 2.0.1 crashing issue

On Friday, December 4th, LobbyCentral Kiosk v2.0.1 was released to the app store.

A defect was discovered on 12/5 that affected users running in native kiosk mode with the kiosk option "Hide Requested Employee List" turned on.  This option tells the kiosk to not display the Meet With screen in the Native Kiosk.

The web kiosk is not affected by this issue.

We have applied a temporary fix to the server which will ignore this option.   This means that the native kiosk will display the Meet With screen but , employee names are not shown.   Your customer will click Continue without selecting anything, to continue with the check-in process.

Alternatively, you may turn off Native Kiosk mode and use the web kiosk in the app.  The web kiosk will not display the Meet With screen if you have enabled the hide employee list option.

Unfortunately some customer's iPads automatically downloaded the update before it could be pulled from availability.   Automatic update was introduced in iOS 7 and is turned on by default.

We recommend that you disable the automatic app update feature on the kiosk as Apple does not provide a way to reinstall previous versions of an app.

For more information on how to turn off automatic updates, please see this article:


A permanent fix to the app has been made and will be released as version 2.1.0 once it has gone through the app store approval process.