Cloud Security Enhancements

At LobbyCentral, data security is our number one priority.  With the 3/1/15 update, we've introduced several new security changes to ensure that your data continues to be protected.

These new changes also intended to follow HIPPA rules and regulations when LobbyCentral is used in a patient care practice.

Database Encryption

Your database is now encrypted.  In the even that the data file has been copied by an unauthorized person, it will be unreadable.  This protects all of the information that you are capturing with LobbyCentral.

Password Expiration Policy

User passwords will now expire after 90 days instead of 180 days.  Users are also restricted from using the previous password.

Minimum Password Length

LobbyCentral now enforces a minimum length of 8 alpha-numeric characters when creating or updating a password.

Security Breach Notification

In the event a LobbyCentral server is accessed by unathorized persons, we will notify you within 24 hours of the breach.

12-Hour Login Removed

The option on the login page, "Stay logged in for 12 hours" has been removed.

Security Answer Not Shown

On the User Preference screen, the challenge or security question answer is hidden.